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Insight Consulting Corporation has delivered successful projects for large and small organizations, including those on the following representative list.

Aetna Health Plan
Aetna Health Plan is a leading Health Maintenance Organization

Computer Science Corporation is one of the largest Systems Integration and consulting organizations in the country.

Genetic Disease Branch
The Genetic Disease Branch of the Deparment of Health Services (State of California) is a highly regarded medical research agency.

The Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power is a municipally-owned energy and water provider.

MasterCard is a nationally-known credit card and financial services company.

McDonnell Douglas
McDonnell Douglas Finance Corporation is a financial services company.

Pacific Bell
Pacific Bell Telephone is a leading telecommunications company.

Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Gas & Electric is the largest investor-owned utility in the country.

PG&E Energy Services
PG&E Energy Services is a nation-wide energy services provider.

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises is a premier cruise ship and travel services company.

Simpson Paper Company
Simpson Paper Company owns many timber and paper manufacturing facilities around the world.

SPL WorldGroup
SPL WorldGroup is the developer of the leading Customer Information System in the utilities industry.

Tesseract is the developer of one of the leading Human Resource products in the industry.

UCSF Stanford Health Care
UCSF-Stanford Health Care is a joint venture of several major hospitals and health care organizations.

Visa is a nationally-known credit card and financial services company.

VLSI is a leading manufacturer of specialized microchips and advanced technologies.